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Nowadays coronavirus has been declared a world emergency by WHO. According to an estimation over 25000 people have been killed in China. Up to now, about 70000 cases of coronavirus have been reported from all over China. The word CORONA is a Latin word which means crown. Under an electron Microscope, this virus looks like a crown. Early symptoms of Coronavirus is much similar to common cold symptoms. At first, patient feels common cold, headache, cough, shortness of breath and a low-grade fever.while in severe cases this can leads to pneumonia and multiple organ failure. According to experts and scientists coronavirus is transmitted from certain animals and birds, but this is very rare in history that it affects a large number of humans. Meanwhile, several known viruses are circulating in animals that have not affected humans yet. Little is known about this deadly virus but human to human transmissions have been confirmed. Besides Asia cases of this virus have been recorded in Europe, North America, and Africa. People who have visited China recently are the carriers of this disease. The outbreak of the disease in other countries is going worse day by day. The international community has put a great concern over China. Most countries have banned their territories for Chinese and several others evacuated their citizens from china. Many International Airlines have canceled flights to China. This has put a steep depreciation in the Chinese economy.WHO has warned the World about the consequences of this lethal infection. Efforts have been made by the World community to overcome this infection but no vaccine is prepared yet. Chinese scientists said that the infection could have spread from infected species of pangolin which is trafficked illegally in China while other scientists say that this infection is transmitted in humans by the consumption of snakes and Bats. 

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