KatmovieHD Free Watch and Download Hollywood Movies In Hindi Dubbed

Katmoviehd - Watch And Download Free Hollywood movies

What Is KatmovieHD.?

katmovieHD is a movie downloading website that allows you to download Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies, Turkish Urdu/Hindi dubbed dramas, for free. There are thousands of movies available for you. You can easily download your desired movies in just few clicks without hesitation. It has a beautiful navbar which contains navigation to all kinds of movies from A to Z, and search bar from which you can search your favorite movies and download them easily. They upload the latest movies as early as possible as the movie releases. katmoviehd is one of the best movie downloading sites on the internet, and they are attracting unique users daily.KatmovieHd is on WordPress and uses his custom theme.

KatmovieHD Android App :

katmovieHd also has a beautiful android application to attract smartphone users. This android application contains theme look like the same as on the site. The Biggest advantage of using applications is that you would not face any pop-ups and annoying ads.  

How to download a movie on KatmovieHD.?

KatmovieHD offers two types :]

  • Download Movie :
 it's easy to download desired movie just click on a movie poster that you want to download and in download links click on the video format and follow the method described below in watch online section      
  • Watch Online :
                                You can watch movies online on KatmovieHd. It's pretty easy to watch movies online.
1. Click on the movie poster that you want to watch then click on the "Watch-Online" Link as shown below
2. Then click on  "I,m not a reboot " as shown :

3. After that click on " double click to generate download link " 

4. At last click on " Goto Download Link" and you will get a movie hosting link from where you can watch movies online.

Why KatmovieHD change the domain every month.?

katmovieHD is a pirate site. Pirate site means the site that steals the movies and upload on site early than the producers and insiders of the movie. Such sites are banned by the government of India. That's the biggest reason KatmovieHD changes its domains every month.

Some Major Domains Owned By KATMOVIEHD

Katmoviehd .in Katmoviehd .net
Katmoviehd .org Katmoviehd .info
Katmoviehd .viz Katmoviehd .biz
Katmoviehd .com Katmoviehd .me
Katmoviehd.to Katmoviehd .icu
Katmoviehd .site Katmoviehd .lol
Katmoviehd .south Katmoviehd.trade
Katmoviehd .vip Katmoviehd.world
Katmoviehd .pw      katmoviehd .it  (latest)

Important Information :

Estimated Views :

katmoviehd have Daily Unique Views: 24,862
katmoviehd have daily views: 1,966,871

Estimated Income :

katmoviehd have daily income: $1,967.00
katmoviehd have monthly income: $2,124,323.00

Indexed Pages :

katmoviehd have indexed pages on google: 24,700
katmoviehd have indexed pages on big: 7,240

backlink Details :

katmoviehd have google backlinks: 874,000
katmoviehd have bing backlinks: 127,000

Ratings :

katmoviehd have Alexa ratings: 7,275
katmoviehd have domain authority: NOT AVAILABLE

Illegal Act :

KatmovieHd is a pirate site. It is banned by the government. Piracy of movies is totally illegal and admin will get 3 years of prison and 3 to 4 lakhs fine.

This is because film producers spent lots of money on the film and also for its promotions but the movie is released on these sites reduces the income of the film producer because most of the movie lovers download the latest movie and don't watch it on cinema. So this is a loss of film industries. 


Piracy is a crime and TechUzair does not support it. This is Article is for educational purposes only. Publishing of this article does not mean to encourage or promote piracy or any other illegal activities thankyou.
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