Top 5 Most beautiful Cities of the world.

Top 5 Most beautiful Cities of the world.

·        Venice
·        London
·        Amsterdam
·        Paris
·        Rome

1.    Venice :
                    The capital of Veneto region and a famous city in Italy. People from all over the world claim Venice as a most magical, unusual and romantic city. Venice  is such a remarkable and fascinating city. This marvelous city has more than 177 canals and 400 bridges. Long narrow boats called gondolas are commonly used in Venice to carry people from one plan to other. All other type of boats are used on the canals. Every year more than 18 Million People visit Venice from all over the world. The beautiful city is divided in six quarters. In infra structure and architectural prospects the Venice is unmatchable and unique indeed. There are over 7 thousand chimneys in the city of various styles and designes. There are beautiful long streets in the city greenery is all over around the place. For a time being you will feel that you are in the world of imagination and fantasy. A walk in street is truly joyful. People are friendly and loyal in Venice which attracts the tourist a lot. Venice is consist of 180 Islands. Total population is 261905  ( 2017 survey ). The Venice is the most attractive city in world people come to see historical and attractive buildings as well as canals. DOGE’s PALACE, ST MARK’s BASILICA and RIALTO bridge are the most famous sights in Venice. July is the warmer month and January is the colder month in Venice. As a business point of view Venice is very important, but economy of Venice depends a lot on Tourism.

2.   London :
                         A well renowned and capital of United Kingdom. This beautiful city is situated at the bank of the River Thames. West minister city is also part of London infect inner London and holding city statue. London is the city of dreams, desires and love. It is known as the world’s most expensive ,powerful and friendly city. London city has a great impact on media, healthcare, commercial arts, tourism, transportation, research and technology. Economically very powerful and strong city and ranked 26th out of 300 powerful cities. London is very famous for its  trade centers of the world. London is also famous for its busiest city airport System. A s Measured by international arrivals it is the most visited city. In education departments, London has a great importance in entire Europe. Oxford university and Cambridge University are the well reknowned universities of the world. According to a survey more than three hundred languages are spoken in London. Estimated population of this city is over 8 million. There are so many historical places in London. Like Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s, Cathedral, Tower Bridge etc. It is the most inclusive city. It has got the history of more than 2000 years. Although it is totally modern Today. In ancient times Roman laid its foundation and they named it Londinium. Londinium was given the name London in 1889 . This city has marevellous and stylish features in Chelsea, hampsted, Knights Bridge and mayfair. It has many cultures and known as multi-cultural city. People are amazing  carrying in London. Normally brittish people are well-mannered and loving. There many museums, Libraries and sports grounds in London. Mostly museums are free to visit. Everyone is music lover in London so London has a great musical history. Many music legends are born in London. City is full of garden, park and open places. You will see flowers everywhere in London if you visit ever. London has a best transport system of the world. Buses reach at stations on exact time. London Metro bus system is bigger system in the world. Emirates airline is very famous in London launched in June 2012. London has the world’s best airport system. In administrative point of view London is the best city of the world. Mostly weather is cold there. London is the rainy city of UNITED KINGDOM. In UK snowfall is common. To snow up, London is unique and fascinating in every aspect

3.   Amsterdam :

                                    Amsterdam is a beautiful and famous largest city in Netherland. Total population of Amsterdam is 2,289,762. It is named after the river Amstel and located in North Holland. There are 90 islands and 150 Bridges in Amsterdam. Singel canal is the famous canal of the city, the architectural style of the city is very fascinating and marvelous. There are many buildings of 17th century in the city which attracts tourists a lot. Mostly ancient buildings are made of bricks as compare to latest buildings which are made of various materials. G-Star, 10 feet, Warmenhovern and Venderbos are the famous brand ships in Amsterdam city. There are many other famous shops and markets like  Flower market, clothing market, chocolate shops etc. Amsterdam is also known as bicycle friendly city. Parking fees are expensive so car driving is not liked mostly in the city. There are many famous coffee-shops in Amsterdam. Tourists from all over the world enjoys coffee here. This beautiful city is rich in Museums and bars. People celebrate many festivals throughout the year like Queen’s day and Many Other’s . People are well organized and remain calm and relaxed in this fantastic city. Amsterdam attracts millions of people every year from all over the world. According to survey estimated population of Amsterdam is 821,752. There are four seasons in Netherland. Mid April to mid October is the best season to visit Amsterdam. Weather is never extreme at any time . Over 15 Million people visit Amsterdam. This city also have many Green Parks, Family Visiting points, Libraries and fast food points. In short Amsterdam is among the most beautiful and hilarious places of the world. People are friendly and mostly sportsman in Amsterdam . Football is the famous game played city though it is very expensive but still people came here in large number.  

4.   Paris :
                    A very popular, famous and beautiful capital of France. Paris is also known as city of lights. Geographically it is located on the river  Seine. A very fascinating, romantic and glamorous city of the world. When we go back to the history we will find facts about its foundation. In 3rd Century Paris was founded by Parisii ( Celtic People ). Now Paris is most famous and important city of the modern world. Economically Very stable and leading city in France. Paris is a wonderful city in many aspects and have beautiful sights. People take rides in motor boats and have a complete trip of city. Boats are easily available on Seine River. Paris consists on an area of 105.4 square Kilometers. Its population is 2,241346. People are sincere and honest in Paris. They receive the guest with warm welcoming attitude. Paris is famous worldwide for its world class. Hotels, cafes and restaurants. Escargot is the famous food served in Paris. More importantly Paris is famous for its pastries, which are served worldwide. Eiffel Tower is among  the most attractive sights of the Paris. You can see whole Paris from the top of the tower. At night it glows golden. There are many other places to visit in Paris. Louvre museum of Paris is famous worldwide. Millions of tourists visit this museum every year. There are world class shopping malls, mart and bakery shops in Paris. Weather is quite moderate between 15°and 25°C . In winters temperature falls down to 7°C. Every winter there is also snowfall in Paris. Paris is a beautiful place to visit.
5.   Rome :
                   Rome is a historical and capital city of the Italy. Rome is the most populated city in Italy as compared to other cities. If we discuss about the exact location of this beautiful city, this is located in the central western part of Italian Peninousla . Rome is populated with almost 2.9 Million people. In recent reports Rome was the most visited city in 2014-15 worldwide. There are so many Historical places and buildings there in Rome. Vcation museum and colosseum museum are the famous and historical museum of Rome. Tourist from Europe and all over the world came to visit these museums. Great ancient buildings tell us the story of the past Rome empire. Trevi Fountain in Rome is quite attractive for tourist s locals as well as tourists visit this place in large number everyday. There are varieties of food and dishes in the streets of Rome. Besides Italian foods American foods are also served in Rome. Italian Pizza and Italian  ice-cream are liked mostly. There is hot and dry weather in summer in Rome but winter remains cool and humid. Normal temperature of Rome in daytime us above 20°C and 10°C at night normally. January is the coldest month and July is also famous for its green gardens and villas. Gardens and parks cover a large area in Rome. Gardens and parks remain crowded all the time. Rome has a great heritage.

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