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Mysteries of Mars and Concept of life on Mars -

Concept of life on MARS:

Dear readers in our solar system Mars is at No 4 from the sun.If we talk about the smallest planet of our solar system,Mars planet is the 2nd smallest planet as compared to Mercury.

Mars is also known as Red planet due to the presence of iron oxide in it's soil.Its soil is enriched in minerals having silicon ,oxygen and other metals.

One thing has also been  noted that ,the atmosphere of the Mars is thin.This is because of the presence of some gasses like carbon dioxide ,nitrogen and oxygen there.

If we compare the temperature difference between Mars and Earth,then Mars is colder than Earth because due to the long distance from the sun.At north and south poles of planet ice and frozen carbon dioxide has been noted.Mars is about one sixth the size of Earth.This planet has two moons phobos and Deimos.Aeverage temperature of Mars is -80 degree Fahrenheit.very cold indeed as compared to Earth.Like Earth planet Mars has also clouds and wind.Its gravity is 1/3rd of the Earth gravity.

Dear readers we all are well aware about the conditions and environment required for the existence of life.Earth is the only planet in our solar system which is most suitable and favourable for life.But when we turn over the page of history ,Evidence of life on Mars has been claimed many times by scientists and observers .From Earth it's impossible to see enough details on Mars even with powerful telescope .we can only predict .

For the evidence of life we should need a close monitoring of the planet .which is impossible from Earth .Many missions have been sent in orbit by USA,and RUSSIA to explore the planet,but no human has ever landed on Mars .Such type of mission has not been attempted yet.who will touch the ground first ,very difficult to say but may be possible in future .NASA is working hard to explore Mars from many decades.

NASA is actually trying to discover whether life is possible or not on Mars.Since 1960 many space missions and robotic spacecraft have been sent to orbit or land.But each mission tell us a new story about this mystries planet.No doubt as compared to other planets in our solar system Mars is much similar to Earth,but as a fact it is different from Earth in many ways.

Our Earth acts like a giant magnet but Mars does not behave like this.Due to the much difference in magnetic field,dangerous particles of space radiation directly reaches it's surface .Which is the most worse thing for life on planet.Some observations tell us the presence of water on Mars but far less than on Earth.Due to the cold and intense weather all water is in ice form .Totally unsuitable conditions for life.In 1976 a milestone was achieved by NASA when Viking 1 and Viking 2 landed on Mars.These Landers worked there for 4 to 6 years and returned with hundreds of images of surface,changing season and rocks.But these cameras did not show us any large creature there.So it might be possible in future that Landers may find something living below the surface.

The scientists are also trying to search out water on other planets because all life depends upon water.

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