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A Robot

A man made machine which is well capable of performing complex tasks automatically.Robot is programmed by a computer.Actually robots are designed to carry out difficult tasks smoother and more easier than humans.Robots have replaced humans in many ways like they can perform tasks in extreme conditions and in extreme whether e.g in space and in the deep sea.While humans are not preffered to perform such tasks .That's why robots are blamed for rising technical unemployment as they replace workers.The latest idea of robot was developed with the revolution in industrial field.First of all modern robots were used in factories as industrial robots.Generally industrial robot is a fixed machine having ability to perform different tasks without human assistance .In 2000 digitally controlled robots and robots using AI(artifical intelligence) were built.Androids are the robots which have close resemblance with humans.However there are so many other robots which do not match with human model.Generally a robot can be controlled by a remote .There are six main types of industrial robots .               

  • 1-Delta
  • 2-SCARA
  • 3-Polar
  • 4-Cylindrical
  • 5-Cartesin
  • 6-Articulated


Normally delta robots are used in food industries ,pharmaceutical as well as in electronic industries .Delta robots are capable of performing delicate and accurate movements.Delta robots are actually jointed parallelograms and have spider like shape.


SCARA robots are extensively used in assembly applications .They are used in heavy industries to assemble different things with accuracy.


Polar robots are spherical shaped robots.Polar robots are used in robotic applications like painting ,welding and assembly.


These robots are used in assembly applications ,machine's tools handling and in spot welding.


Cartesian robots are also called Gantry robots .3D printing and computer numerical control machine is the common application of this type of robot.The principle of pick and plane machine is also based on Cartesian robot.


They are industrial robots and normally have 4 or 6 axes .Articulated robots have rotary joints.With a twisting joint their arm is connected to the base.
Some people believe that robots will take over the charge of world in future.No job will be done without robots...

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