Top 5 Genetic Disorders In Humans

Hello guys in today's article we will discuss about top 5 common genetic disorders .

  • Williams Syndrome
  • Van Willebrand Disease
  • Turner Syndrome 
  • tourette syndrome
  • thalassaemia 

1.Williams Syndrome 

A genetic disorder  that can cause many problems especially associated with development, learning and health problems. This is non-cureable disease, but early treatment may helpful to overcome symptoms.Williams Syndrome is caused by the abnormality of NO.7 chromosome after conception,. Development and learning is delayed in children suffering from williams disease.Patients have problems like ,Speech problems.motor skills problems,anxiety and personality development problems etc.
patients of williams disease may develop healh problems inn later life like,Cardiac issues,vision and hearing problems and other blood diseases.

2.Von-Willebrand disease :

von willebrand disaese is also a genetic disorder associated with bleeding disorder and inherit in nature.this disorder is same like Haemphillia, but less severe and more common, patients suffering with-willebrand disorder don't work normally thats why clot is not formed and bleeding is not sloped. There are three well recognized types of van-willebrand disease type 1, type 2 type 3. Type 1 is most common type is the world and there are different types of medicine to cure van-willebrand disease.Some medicines are available to improve clotting factor. treatment is also given to stimulate hormones for the production of clothing factor in blood.

3.Turner Syndrome :

A genetic syndrome most common in girls and women mostly seen in Australia. Turner syndrome can cause many problems like hearing and vision problems and most dangerous infertility in Females. Generally a female has 2x  chromosomes in each cell.This disorder occur when all or part of 1x chromosomes is missing.Development is often affected by this syndrome . In females short stature and infertinity are the most commonly known feature of this disaease worldwide. 

4.Tourette Syndrome :

A neurological genetic disorder associated with uncontrolled and involountary moments and vocal sounds. TS is still uncoureable. If is developed till age of 21 .Tourrette syndrome can be severe but sometimes people suffering from syndrome can feel stiffness in their neck and a jerk in their head.Sometimes tourette syndrome associated with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).Tourette syndrome doesn't have affect on intelligence at all.


A blood affected genetic disorder commonly known as Thalassaemia .  This blood disorder normaly associated with a part of abnormal haemoglobin.It may be mild or severe.Shortness of breath,jaundice,dark urine are some common symptoms thalassaemia. Patients with severe thamalssaemia often need blood transfusion every 3 to 4 weeks.If the husband-wife are the carriers then there is a strong chance of thalassaemia in their babies.

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