Free Latest responsive Blogger Templates 2019

Overview :

Blogger is the blog publishing platform and is most popular on the web. It is the home of millions of bloggers whose earning through google adsance and many other.It was developed by pyra labs and google bought it in's mean it is 16 years old. Tons of blogs have been published through it each day and many of them are getting approval from google adsence to show ads on their blogs and earn money. Google's Blogger is making easier for you to show your passion and most important is to style your blog with HTML AND CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) if you have to make your own theme i would be much difficult cuz you have to learn css and html to make your own theme and to run your blog so to avoid all of these time consuming steps Web designers and developers made these free responsive themes to run your blog because you may listen that a women is known by her beauty and because of her beauty she attracts attention of many mans so you had been understood my point right !! You need a beautiful blog design if your blog looks beautiful,clean design so people will love to come to your blog later

Free Responsive Best Blogger Templates :

Hello guys today i share with you my best collection of blogger templates that's totally free So below is the list of blogger templates choose the theme suitable for you or that you like.

1 . Pixel 

Pixel is simple and free to use anywhere for private and commercial use. It has many widgets for placements of google adsence or any other ads. Many users are using it over 2,000 people downloaded it in just 1 week.


2. Gillion ( Famous Theme )


Gillion is the most famous blogger template of the year. It is simple and have awesome design and responsive design. It can be used for wordpress as well as Blogger.

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Ember is clean, Awesome and beautiful theme for travel and magazine. it is clean design its means when it comes o blogger, you can expect best quality.



Shutter is a beautiful model of coding and is famous also in the world of templates. basically it is a photography portfolio theme for blogger.


5.Future Mag 

Future Mag is the best blogger template that takes your site to the entirely next level. It has many custom spaces and widgets for google adsence ads. it is a magazine style template its a premium them but as i said all the themes are free so go click the button below and download Now


I hope this article helps you Thanks for reading this article. 


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